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To delegate or not to delegate – that is the question?

What do you honestly think about delegation? What was your last experience like; positive or negative? Is it a support for you, a training tool for your team, a way to get expertise into the business or a waste of time?

Laptop, notebook, coffee on workdesk

For me it’s a great way of developing and motivating individuals, providing them with an

opportunity to learn something new. It’s a way of adding another aspect of creativity into

the mix, and it frees my time up to work on the business not in the business. It’s an

efficient way of moving the business forward by getting others to focus on areas I may be

not have time to focus on.

Whichever way you look at delegation, when done well it adds value to your business. This Harvard business review article gives leaders eight ways to delegate successfully.

YouTube – Brian Tracey says….

Your job as a manager is to get the maximum return on the company’s investment in

people. Effective delegation is one of the ways to do this. Watch this video to see how

delegation is key to effective communication, training and development in the workplace.


If you’re interested in building a business bigger than you, you’re going to have to delegate. And it’s not as simple as telling someone else to do something for you and hoping for the best. Dave Ramsey explains the 10 basics of delegation,



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