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Want to ‘Live the Dream’? It’s all about actioning your goals!

Today’s weekly digest comes to you from our new office. That’s right NRG has gone international.

‘Bonjour de #NRGFrance’.

Many of you know that recently my husband and I bought a house in the French village we got engaged in a few years earlier. It’s our little piece of heaven. (Very run down – but hey we all love a DIY project don’t we!)

We would have never been here today if we hadn’t done something about our little dream house. Yes, we had a goal. Yes, we started to plan. We also had someone helping us be accountable. Most importantly though when a phone call from an unknown estate agent came in, we took some action and went for it. We said yes!

You all know how to set smart goals; SMART specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. But that really is only the start. Action is everything!

For me, a goal needs to mean something to you personally, its needs to motivate you, it needs to make you smile. It has got to be for you!

Write your goal down in as much detail as you can. If you don’t like writing create a vision board. The brighter the pictures the better. Plan what you need to achieve your goal, step by step the detail is important. I’d set a time limit for planning though… its important not to get carried away planning. Do not keep refining the plan…it may need to change as you go through. Action is everything!

Once you have the plan outline, take the first step and action point 1 on the plan.

You are on your way. Fantastic!

Now, find some way of staying on track. If you want me to be an accountability buddy then write it down, send it to me and I’ll hold you to them.

inspire action | drive success | add value

This is so true when it comes to your goals.

So, lets agree to make something happen today. Why not remind yourself of your number 1 goal? Reassess where you are and plan your next move. (Mines out for a run along the river before coming back to the desk to work from my new summer office).

Au revoir pour le moment.

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1 Comment

I have a sister in law who make the life so hard for me. There is no difficulty in adopting the as this is designed in the easy way so that leaner can seek. She mined the things very early and that is matter for all of us living in the family.

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