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Where does the time go…?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This weekend was my niece's 18th birthday. Cue the old person in me saying..’Where did

those 18 years go, I remember when you were just a baby!’ and then dancing rather

embarrassingly at her party!

This significant life event made me reflect.

11:42 classic alarm clock

It’s true isn’t it, when we are running around being busy, doing the small things each and

every day, living our busy lives, they don’t seem so impactful. However, when we look back over time, we can really see how our actions have made a real difference. The positive little actions always add up over time - so what do you spend your time doing each day?

What does this mean to our businesses, our careers..I’d say ‘do not let a single moment pass you by!’ Make sure you use each minute for something important. It might be work

orientated, it might be health and wellness, it might be family time, friend time or it might be just ‘you’ time. Recognise why you are doing what you are doing and then make the most of it. Enjoy.

Inch by inch….

That was also the mantra for Glenn Webbe, the Welsh International Rugby Player I

interviewed recently. He says his whole career was based on the little improvements he made every day.

Before he knew it….he was performing at a world level. You can find out more about his

career and how he was successful in his autobiography ‘Glen Webbe - The gloves are off’

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