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#Young Leadership – NRG supporting the next generation of leaders

Earlier this week #teamNRG expanded!

It’s my pleasure to introduce our Social Media Assistant Caitlin and Business Development/ Administration Assistant Lewis. As part of the UK Government Kickstart Scheme the team will be with us for an intial 6months, but already we are all hoping they will stay much longer than that.

As part of their first day, I asked the team to interview each other, so let me hand over to them introduce themselves and say “Hi” to you all.

Hi, I am Caitlin, let me introduce you to Lewis, former wanna be rockstar-rugby player now ⅕ of the ‘dream team’ at The Nicola Rylett Group.

Lewis, age 23, is joining the team as the new Business Development and Administration Assistant and is going to be helping organise various NRG projects.

He studied at Cardiff University and has a Degree in economics and a master’s in cultural and creative industries. When he was younger, he wanted to be a combined rugby player and rock star but shortly realised that was unattainable due to how much rugby players must sleep and how little rock stars do.

This was okay with Lewis, as he soon found his love for business development and project management. While working at NRG Lewis wants to learn how to interact with different businesses and people, whilst having a real working environment to use the skills he learnt at university.

Lewis is a Scorpio and if you care about astrology like me, you’d know that that means he’s determined, ambitious and brave, not afraid to take risks which are great traits for someone to have working in our team. Over lockdown you could find Lewis shredding on his guitar, which he’s been playing since he was 7 years old or watching movies with his film club.

Lewis enjoys all kinds of music, but his favourite band now are Vampire Weekend. At first, I wasn’t sure of who they are but after one quick Spotify search, I recognised the song A-Punk straight away (It’s a good song you should check it out!) Lewis also likes to collect vinyls of his favourite albums and is proud of his vinyl player and speaker set up.

Lewis’ friends would describe him as funny, edgy and introverted. I’ve only known Lewis for about 2 hours, and I’d have to agree, we have done nothing but laugh and bond over our love for Barry the TV show starring Bill Hader. I already know we are going to work well together and live up to the name “dream team”.

Hi all, I’m Lewis, Let me introduce you to Caitlin.

Caitlin is NRG’s new social media assistant, helping to develop NRG’s brand image through her creativity. She lives in Cardiff with her mum Lisa, her sister Aimee, her niece and nephew Eliana and Alfie, and her cat Bailey.

Her favourite movie is the ‘the social network’ (as you’d expect), and she describes herself as funny, creative and a bit of a ‘perfectionist’. By reading below some of the things that I’ve found out about her, you’ll definitely see that she matches this description.

Most of Caitlin’s hobbies revolve around creativity: she enjoys drawing portraits, and is also heavily into fashion and makeup. Harry Styles is a big influence on her creative side, with the singer-songwriter inspiring Caitlin in more ways than one. Caitlin’s creative nature also explains why she attended Cardiff and Vale College after high school to study ‘interactive media’ and ‘graphic design’. Now finding herself working at NRG, she wants to continue developing her skills in these areas, whilst further understanding the use of these skills for business, social media and marketing.

Over the first lockdown, Caitlin took on some new ventures: fixing up new meals for her and her family, and even starting a podcast with her cousin, Oliver. In their 4 part documentary series titled “Mann to Mann”, Caitlin and Oliver talked about different articles that took their interest, had head to head general knowledge competitions, and even had a “noun generator” segment in the show, where they would pick a word at random and then see where their imaginations would take them. In terms of her other hobbies, Caitlin likes watching TV shows such as ‘Brooklyn 99’ and ‘Lucifer’, and also enjoys listening to pop music.

Despite just meeting Caitlin, it is clear that we have very similar interests and personalities. I look forward to getting to know her more and seeing what we can achieve together at NRG.


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