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Business in today’s new normal.

The world is in the middle of a RESET.

Markets are changing.

Business needs to REBOOT.

Leaders need to RECLAIM control.

We need to RETAKE our success.

In preparing this week’s blog several unrelated things stuck in my mind.

1) This quote from Mahatma Gandhi 'Your future depends on what you do today'

2) I read an article from The Institute of Leadership and Management on ‘How leaders apply John Kotters eight steps to successful change in today's fast-moving world’. This quote at the end of the piece by Mark Bouch stood out

“…many organisations are in a state of flux, needing to evolve rapidly to adapt to increasing complexity, seeing new challenges, and fleeting opportunities.”

Now more than ever, this made me think of our current business landscape.

You can read the full article here. (Page 44)

3) During my daily virtual coffee chats (10:30 each day – if you would like to join me for a chat just book in) I realised a couple of my network had decided to hunker down to ride out the storm of Coronavirus. Choosing to protect the current state of the business rather than explore the opportunities. This gave me a different perspective and made me think.

4) Last night we heard The British Prime Minster cautiously announcing plans to ease coronavirus restrictions; he is trying to ‘gently’ shift the economy up a gear.

What does all this mean for business leaders like you and me?

Depending on how you and your business are positioned it could mean lots of different things. The situation is so complex and layered….. at the moment not one leader's business challenges are identical to another. Each Business is as individual as the leaders that run them. Whether you are struggling to recover, uncertain of how to capitalize on the opportunity, or need to find a new market for your business it’s so multi-dimensional and it's difficult to know what to do.

What I am certain of…it will mean 2 things for to everyone, no matter who you are and how your business has reacted to this challenge:



This #weeklydigest has one simple message. Now is the time! We cannot wait as some businesses did with the uncertainty of Brexit. We must make some decisions, adapt to the increasing complexity, and move forward to make sure we do not stay in the current state of flux.

Inspire #Action | Drive #Success | Add #Value.

Need Help?

#teamNRG has devised a program that will help you reclaim control and react positively to what’s happening around us. Repositioning your business to make the most of the new norm.

It starts with a free diagnostic to help identify the root problem(s). If you would like to use it, just send me an email or contact us through the website form. We will be happy to send you the link.



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