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“Don’t look back: you’re not going that way.”

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This is something I read this morning in a book full of positive quotes and sayings. I read it every day. This habit of reading quotes like this first thing in the morning helps me stay motivated and positive, setting me up for the day ahead.

The saying is perfect for me. I find it easy to personally move on from things that have upset or hurt me. I don’t tend to hold a grudge.

But this previous week my UniqueNRG co-founder Alex challenged me to look back.

You see we have been putting the final touches to our new #BeAGameChanger website. (Check it out here. We'd love to know what you think.) As part of the website, we needed to write the ‘About Us’ page. Wanting to do something authentic Alex started asking me about how I came to do what I do.

I ‘pooh-poohed’ the discussion and said no one would be interested in my story. You see, it’s not a story that has what I consider to be any ‘real hardship’ in it. It’s not the grand blockbuster of ‘hero overcoming adversity’ journey.

Alex asked me again to explain how I’d become the Nicola Rylett-Jones of today, the #NRG. (She wasn’t letting me off the hook.) Over the next 30 mins an uncomfortable conversation ensued and whilst I squirmed in my seat, I realized even though I’d not had to face what I considered to be any great challenges/ trauma, I still had overcome difficulty to achieve my success.

Long story short (we’ll be publishing the full version soon) how I reacted to my school years helped me developed 3 or 4 characteristics that have made me the success I am today. I was lucky enough to realize this early on and since then I’ve celebrated them.

  • I love my commitment to work hard and action – I enjoy ‘doing the do’ especially when I’m up against it.

  • I adore my complete devotion to personal development – I’m constantly striving to be better than yesterday.

  • I’m always surprised how my openness to try new things leads to opportunity after opportunity – I always find a way to do what I need to do.

  • I’m proud of my steely determination to achieve – my tenacity and ability to bounce back keep me motivated.

What from your past helps you be the person you are today?

When did you last celebrate the wonderful gift your previous experience has given you?

If you are going to look back, make sure it’s to guide and support your future, not dwell in the negative of what could have been.

This is what we ended up writing.

“Two girls, two lives, different paths, same result. Our mission to create a world of game changers came from the realisation that we achieved great things in different ways therefore anybody can do the same if they take action.

Nicola ditched ‘not being good enough’ with hard work and a steely determination by grabbing every opportunity.

Alex recovered from trauma and disease by letting go which enabled her to have the openness to grow.

For both, action was core to their success. Knowing your unique style of development is the key to your growth. And that’s why it’s the first place we start with all our programmes.”

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